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Diving with SharkSafaris.co.za in St. Helena South Atlantic ocean.





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The diving in St. Helena

Of the large marine animals that are common around the island we can mention but a few the whale sharks, mantas, Wahoo, tuna, sailfish, dolphin and several species of whale. St. Helena also has an endemic species of dolphin, the pantropic dolphin, which we have good chances of spotting. In short, the marine life around the island is phenomenal!

The ship wrecks around the island variy from several centuries old sailing ships and steam ships from a more resent time to ships sunk by submarines during the world war II. One historically interesting ship wreck is the Witte leeu (the White lion) a Dutch sailing ship which exploded in 1613 in an attempt to sink a Portuguese ship anchored in Jamestown. It was was loaded with goods brought back from its trading in the Far East. The wreck was excavated in the 1970s although some of the China and other items are still there. The 1311 diamonds registered in the cargo were most probably spread all over the bay in the explosion and remain to be found.

There are a number of small caves and caverns to explore and many of the dive sites are characterized by a high number of crayfish, something we will probably get good opportunities to try out during dinners.

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