Diving in St. Helena.
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Diving in St. Helena presents several small caves and swim throughs to enjoy.





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The diving in St. Helena

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The diving we will do in St. Helena is planned so that we get as much variation as possible, i.e. a mix of reef dives, wreck dives etc. We will find dive sites that suit most of the experience and certification level of the divers in our group.

Participants must have a minimum certification level equivalent to Open Water Diver or CMAS** in order to take part in the diving trips. We do, however, recommend at least some experience beyond the courses for you to completely enjoy the dives in St. Helena. Some experience with drift diving is also a plus as there may be some dive spots with a current.

Typical water temperature at the time we are there is 26 - 28 Celsius and a 5mm wetsuit is therefore recommended. Visibility in the water is in the region of 25m+ at that time of the year. All dives are carried out from boat with experienced divemasters and a skipper. For our group three dives per day will be offered in addition to optional night dives. Since there is no recompression chamber in St. Helena it goes unsaid that we will dive very conservatively. The water around the island has very little pollution. The photo opportunities are fantastic.

There is some scuba gear available for rental on the island for anyone who needs that. It is still recommended that you bring with you at least some of your own scuba gear which you are familiar with and feel comfortable using.