We use the Royal Mail Ship RMS St. Helena to get to the island.
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Royal Mail Ship St. Helena, one of the last remaining British mail ships, is a combination of a cargo ship and passenger liner and the lifeline to the outside world for the people of St. Helena. Built in 1989 and with a capacity of 128 passengers, this is not your typical cruise ship with casinos, bowling halls and restaurants, but rather a pleasant transport ship with a relaxed atmosphere and a staff of only 56. Therein also lies the charm. The style onboard has a touch of old England -it has been said that one feels as if one were back in England in the 1950s, the golden era of the royal mail ships. The sea voyage between Cape Town and St. Helena takes five days and usually around half of the passengers are islanders, so called "saints" on their way to or from the outside world. There is only one restaurant on the ship, one shop and a few lounges in addition to a swimming pool on the aft deck where cricket games between passengers and staff are also sometimes arranged. NB: the ball ending up in the sea leads to disqualification.

Apart from that, one should just accept the fact that we are on holiday and rev down, join a board game or bingo, enjoy a drink on the aft deck and get to know new people etc while we glide on through the waves.

There are a few categories of cabins to chose from with a differing number of people per cabin, over or under deck etc. All meals are included while onboard the ship. We have reserved 15 spots on the RMS St. Helena for our group.

We use the Royal Mail ship to get to St. Helena island.

How to get to St. Helena